Anytime you experience a toothache, no matter how mild or how severe, you should schedule with our team as soon as possible so that we can help you get relief. Some toothaches can be alleviated easily with deep cleaning, better at-home care, or a dental filling. More severe toothaches and sensitivity, however, may indicate an infection that requires something more complex. If you have been experiencing increasing discomfort in any of your teeth, you may need root canal therapy! Many patients have fears and concerns about root canal therapy, but it is actually a routine procedure that can provide immediate relief. After a root canal, many patients leave our office feeling great and wishing they had done it sooner!

Dr. Michael Funk, our skilled dentist, is apt at performing this restorative treatment, so you can trust in our services. If you would like to visit Lancaster Smiles or need to make an reservation for a root canal therapy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, please call 717-394-3592 at your soonest convenience. Do not suffer with your toothache a moment longer!