Missing teeth can have significant consequences for your health and appearance, and we want our patients to always have the confidence to show off their beautiful smiles. Missing teeth may lead to uncomfortable physical problems like bite misalignment or malnutrition from not being able to eat the foods you need for a healthy diet. You may also struggle with self-esteem as your social interactions decrease because you do not want anyone to see your incomplete smile.

We are familiar with all the reasons a complete set of teeth is so crucial. Your smile can look and feel wonderful again with dental bridges in Lancaster, Pennsylvania! A missing tooth can take away a lot of your smile’s beauty and function, and Dr. Michael Funk and our team want to help you fix this. If you want more information on the quality restorations offered by our dentist at Lancaster Smiles, such as our porcelain fixed bridges, please call us at 717-394-3592! We have helped so many patients get their smiles back on track and are sure we can help you, too.